inside recess- activities for 12-18 month old 

The forecast for this weekend looks like this: And with daddy out of town, we have been watching Netflix and playing inside. Here are a few fun/ cheap sensory ideas for babies 12-18 months: 

1. Sensory bin/ cooking with beans: fill a bin with various trinkets and let baby go to town. I went to the dollar store and picked up: two packages of beans, ping pong balls, creepy crawly friends, bag of decorative rocks, and some digging tools. Henry likes to dig through the box and also strew the beans around the room. 🙃

You can also grab a small muffin tin and let your baby fill it up with beans. Fun! 

2. Piggy Bank- cut a hole in the top of an old plastic container. Let them fill up the bucket with coins. Monitor to make sure the coins don’t end up in their mouth. 

3. Homemade play dough…here are a few recipes that look enticing.We’ll have to try them later today! No cook clay and The best homemade play dough.

4. Bath paint

  • 1/4 c. Baby shampoo or soap 
  • 1/4 c. cornstarch
  • 1-2 T. water 
  • A few drops food coloring 

Combine shampoo and cornstarch. Add water 1/2 Tbs at a time until you get your desired consistency. Then add food coloring! 

Happy Rainy Day Playing!


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